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A telemedicine visit is available and can be arranged by calling the office.  After confirming your appointment, please click on the appropriate link below to enter the virtual waiting room.


Dr. John Owens


Dr. Nicholas Bevilacqua


Dr. Jake Zarah

Dr. Jen Lee


Dr. Jonathan Archer


Dr. Rehan Shamim


Simple and convenient to use service powered by

See your doctor from anywhere, just click their personalized room link listed above or on the link that was sent to you via email (example: to join them for a video call.  To make it easier, a list of our providers personalized virtual waiting room links are listed above.  Please call the office to confirm scheduled appointment before clicking on link.  


No downloads or accounts

No need to download software or create an account. Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone.

Private and secure

All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and none of your information is stored. We adhere to HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.

Helpful hints:

Use a computer or device with a good internet connection and webcam. If you run into issues connecting, restart your computer or check out the


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